Anya: Hypnotized – ooc

I recall that moment, standing in Bree in front of the Pony’s mailbox, wondering if RP would ever pick up for me. Especially since the past few times I had tried to come back to the server, things fell apart rather quickly. Quality of ideas. Quality of players. It was poor quality on this side of the screen and that. So I was standing. I don’t even know if I had my RP tag on. White or bile yellow. I don’t know. I was just standing there.

Anya was a new toon that I had attempted once or twice before. Her background was slowly formulating, coalescing into something tangible. Dale. Runaway. Sheltered. Shy. 

She was very lost because I was very lost. I couldn’t remember how to do what I was doing, even though the words begged to flow from the tips of my fingers.

And then a man with a scarred face and glossy eye tipped his fopish hat to her as he went to check his mail.

I didn’t even realize the emote was there at first. I’m not sure how long he was standing there and she was standing there. I had her come back to reality out of a daydream (the start of her astute ability to get lost in her own thoughts). And she said hello.

For some reason, this song keeps playing for Anya whenever I think of her. I think back to that moment that invited me back into the world of RP on Landroval. A random RP. A tip of the hat. A startled blush.

And I’m hypnotized.

(skip to 0:45 for the song)

hypnotized by ani difranco

so that’s how you found me
rain falling around me
lookin down at a worm
with a long way to go
and the traffic was hissing by
and i was homesick
and i was high

i was surrounded by a language
in which i could say only hello
and thank you very much
but you spoke so i could understand
and i drew a treasure map on your hand

and you were no picnic
you were no prize
but you had just enough pathos
to keep me hypnotized

the map led to an island
in a sea of store-bought dreams
where soulless singers sang
over beats built by machines

and lovely girls were hovering
above my head like gulls
with their long slender necks
and their delicate skulls

and i was no picnic
i was no prize
but i had just enough sweetness
to keep you hypnotized

so that’s how you found me
rain falling around me
lookin down at a worm
with a long way to go

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