Poem: in the morning

-in the morning-

will ye throw me away
when the Sun rises o’er
the treetops of Bree
and sheds its weary light
on our twisted forms?

will ye toss me away
on the cold winter breeze,
that same brutal wind
that hurried me to Combe
and into your arms?

will ye ask me to stay,
pulling blankets around,
curled up against you
can i find a place here
(please don’t set me free)?

will ye throw me away
in the morning, my dear,
after shadows flee
and passions are spent
and all that you’re left
with is me?

Poor, poor Moose. He didn't want to see that.
Poor, poor Moose. He didn’t want to see that.

9 thoughts on “Poem: in the morning

    1. Lina herself can’t read or write, but yeah, I’m enjoying piecing her together. The poem itself was annoying to write because I made it 66565 syllabic-ally and there was a lot of rewrite to try to balance her intense comfort with Falros, her forced fickleness toward men, and her own lack of self-worth.


    1. In each stanza, 1st line 6 syllables, 2nd line 6 syllables, 3rd line 5….and I totally made up the word syllabic-ally. I might teach it to my students though. They won’t remember it anyway…


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