Cold Fire

A sharp, stabbing, cramping pain. Wetness. Down her thighs. Pooled beneath her. Her hand touched the wetness and pulled back stained red. The pain blinded her as the blood streamed from her belly and she screamed.

Lina sat up in bed, her chest heaving as the dream still clung to her. The darkened room was chill in the night. The nocturnal creatures stirred outside and inside only the deep, even breaths of Falros accompanied the sound of her own. He stirred, murmuring in his sleep and reaching for the spot where her warmth had been moments before. She reached down and let his hand find hers. He stilled.

Her breathing in the night air left puffs of smoky vapor hanging like ghosts. The embers were dying on the hearth glowing a dull orange in the dark. She looked back down at Falros and sighed, her eyes traveling over his brutish profile simply drinking him in. She leaned down to kiss him gently and then slid out from beneath the covers and padded over to the fire.Cold Fire

She quickly banked the fading embers to make it easier in the morning and then stood up to gaze at nothing with her arms wrapped around her naked torso for warmth. The phantom pain still lingered and her hands moved to press low on her belly. Her eyes shut tight against the tears that threatened to spill and she took a deep, shuddering breath.

Only a moment. She would allow herself only a moment to remember the past and then she slid back into the warm present of Falros’s arms.

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