SPOILER ALERT: The background to The Necklace/The Bracelet


If you are interested in what the heck is going on with Anya right now and either 1) do not wish to participate in the plot line or 2) can’t fit your characters into the plot line or 3) are already involved with the plot line but have no clue what’s going on, here’s a lowdown! Please keep all knowledge OOC until learned ICly!

I will update this with relevant information as the story evolves. Everyone is welcome to join the plot if your character makes sense!

****Spoilers begin****

Bookie bound a wight’s soul to Anya on “accident” in the Blood Circle, Lone-lands. Camped along the Great East Road just south of Nan Dhelu, their party stumbles upon an ancient chest. Curious, Bookie delved into the ruins and discovered a small cashe of jewels. Bookie gives a small silver bracelet with a blue gem on the clasp to Anya.

The bracelet belonged to a woman of Ost Guruth who died long ago during the time of the Fall of Fornost. This Rhudauran woman persists as a spirit at slumber in Agamaur. She is connected to the bracelet Anya wears.

Only when the necklace, the protective heirloom token of her lover, is broken at Mithrenost, does the bracelet awaken. It summons the spirit of the lover, who slowly becomes alive within Anya as he seeks the woman, Faethril. The woman, too, appears to take control of Anya for shorter and less substantial possessions.

Periods of time pass when Anya is unaware of her surroundings and Aeron, son of Arithorn becomes active. He can be present as a mere observer, communicate with certain individuals, or become monstrous and Anya will lash out in search of the necklace that serves as his anchor to the physical world. The bracelet itself refuses to be removed; it burned both Eruviel, the Elf, and Nathanil, a Man.

As the possession becomes stronger, Anya must make a voyage to discover its roots. She seeks the knowledge of a Supreme Lore-master (Morty? Nallo? Elrond?) and learns she must go to Fornost to reforge the necklace, as it cracked during the black powder explosion at Mithrenost. Reforging the necklace stabilizes Aeron and he is able to take an ephemeral form separate from Anya. He then shares the story of Faethril and Anya learns she must travel back to the Lone-lands, this time Nan Dhelu and Garth Agarwen, to silence the Red Maid and her influence over the corruption of the land that raises the souls of the dead like Faethril. Thus, will the bracelet loose its power and Faethril’s soul can find peace knowing finally of Aeron’s fate.

Morducai Mossfoot’s touch on the bracelet can call a neutral Aeron to converse. When he releases it, Aeron goes away.

Torlach Longstride bears the necklace that causes Aeron to lose control and become more wraithlike. Tor having this power can make or break the adventure.

6 thoughts on “SPOILER ALERT: The background to The Necklace/The Bracelet

    1. It’s taking shape nicely! Cwen will probably ‘go with’ them since she’s now concerned about the situation. Maybe they’ll meet Eirikr along the way…who knows! Though that might break my brain.


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