Dear Morty

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Dear Morty,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have been concerned as I have not seen you lately, but I have also been traveling in the local lands quite a bit recently, so that is my fault as much as anything.

How are you?

I am well considering. Eirikr and Eruviel are going to be leaving for Dale any day now. Because I do not look forward to months of being alone and some things have been going on in Bree that makes Eruviel nervous, I will be moving to Ered Luin for some time. Anricwulf has offered his spare room to me, and even though it might not be the most proper thing to do, I have agreed. I am sure we will be visiting Bree frequently, but I am saddened at the thought of leaving the town. It has been my first real home and I love it.

The main reason I write is to inquire about the rose bush you gave me. I cannot imagine that another transplant would be good for it, so I am not taking it with me. However, I do not want it to die. How often should we come back to tend it? Should I get a neighbor to look in on it? I know you gave me those books, but I’ve not taken the time to read them yet. And besides, I wanted to write you.

How’s the wedding planning going? If Esthyr ever wants a woman’s assistance, let her know bargaining is in my blood.

Respectfully yours,



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