The Good Son: Stumble into Her

Thank you, demurediva, for editing the huge mail RP that became this post and Hallowisp for creating this adventure for us.

Valael Valia Tia

(Test-driving new characters is always so fun! Much thanks to Pennicash, portraying Arameril below and Hallowisp, portraying the Greek Chorus of Eirien & Erynfaer and creating the plot necessitating such interesting new characters! Who doesn’t love a good doomed-young-love romance?!)



~SPOILER ALERT!!!~ The post below contains spoilers for those involved with The Free Folk’s Road to Dol Amroth plot! You have been warned.

Although Dol Amroth itself never slept, the historical district tended to shutter up just after dark. At midnight, as music and laughter drifted up from the Court of the Fount, the street lamps near the library cast light over empty streets. Few people came seeking knowledge when there was wine and revelry to be had in the livelier districts.

It was on this fact that Eirien and Erynfaer had been relying when they hatched their plan to sneak Arameril into the library. Eirien…

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