A Bitter Pill: Bitter Dust

Bitter Dust

like a ball jointed socket,
i’ll turn in the mortar
my duty to grind and crush and distill you
down to the parts of you that are precious

(extracting the bits and pieces of you)

i hold that which you leave behind
the stems and the fibers of your being      only
fit for the fires to burn away                      garbage

shift away from me the goodness
leave the refuse of your skeleton behind

grinding, grinding, i’ll pound into you
breaking away the bits and pieces of you
over and again i’ll churn
grinding away to bitter dust
infusing the air
the mind
the soul
the secret poisons of this full moon

i’ll give you freedom; run naked beneath the stars

i cradle you and support you
i gather you up in my palms
i offer you to the lips of the Valar
take from me your fill
drink from me your happiness
i chase the Shadows back to their darkness
just grind against me until you break your bones

i give you the freedom to run naked beneath the stars


((A note to my Free Folk: Not quite the post I set out to write, but this is what’s brewing in me regarding Cwen and the drug abuse. It’s so much more than the high as anyone who has dealt with it as a user or as someone who loves a user might understand. In addition, the mortar and pestle personification is also symbolic of how addiction is so often a substitute for love and support, whether it be to drugs or sex. In this case, the mortar and pestle stands for both Cwen’s addiction to the drugs and quite possibly sex, or at least the affections of another.

Wow, she just got a lot more complicated. *apologies to Oen…*))

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