Cwen Sings: 32 Flavors

I am so grateful that Cwen is back in the swing of things. One of my students who may or may not be stalking me noticed all my handles were “Cwen” or “Cweny Cwen” and he was like, “Is all your gaming accounts Cwen?” He was looking at grooveshark, but I took his point and told him pretty much, yes. Cwen is League of Legends, my main in TOR, what I name my main characters in any single player, and basically how I identify myself to the world.

Cwen means either “queen” or “woman” in Old English, depending on how far back the source goes. There is a whole heckuva lot of me that goes into her, I must admit. One of her main songs is also my life theme song.

And apparently, it just takes two glasses of Apothic Dark to get me relaxed enough to do a one-take.

Say wut.

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