Dalish Charm: Twilight Garden

There was darkness and there was light. She did not know where one began and the other began. They merged into a shade of pink on the horizon and she felt him all around her.

Garden his garden

She felt him through the soil both cool and warm
giving life and feeding the roots of the roses all around

Give life
he gives life
gives life

Don’t take from me any more
I offer freely what you wish for
I give freely what you wish for
i need you in my soul

there in the space between light and dark
I will be waiting like a dream
reaching blossombloom blossom breach
my mind yearns for your breath
my body aches for your thought
bring me peace and bring me rest

i will rest beside you when the sun shines no more

red rose ruby rose blackened rose of burgundy

in the mornings you cry
because the night has slipped away
and he no longer moves through your bushes

bring me jocund night
and send it splashing through the rain of tears
that day brings

I seek the dark
I need the dark
give me only the dark and I will fly

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