A Bitter Pill: I Really Shouldn’t

My dearest Rheb,

The Wayfarers and I have returned to Durrow mostly unscathed. Some changes have occurred within our ranks, as it seems to happen frequently as of late, but none were lost through death. In fact, Kemendin returned to us, though he chose to stay in Dol Amroth. Oendir promised that we would check on his house on occasion. He misses you, as does Solstan and Neilia.

I would like to see you soon. I am uncertain who will be coming with me; I will bring wares from some of the Durrow vendors, but I will respect your request to limit guards to those you noted. It may just be me and an escort.

Do write quickly. Let me know when I can come to you. You will be there this time, won’t you? I was so sad that you were not last time. Perhaps you could show me your camp if I come alone. It has been years since I have seen a full moon over Weathertop.

I hope all is well. I miss you.



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