The Nightingale: I am Fine

Dear Father,

Thank you for your letter and for the money. I will see that your sister gets it as soon as I can, though I am afraid of what will happen when I take it there. I would send it with a messenger, except I would not risk it going astray. Therefore, I must swallow my worries and simply face your sister regardless of what she may think of me now that she probably knows I am not really your daughter.

I am glad that you are safe for now. What little time I do get to sleep is usually spent lying awake worrying about you and Pengail. It is so lonely here without the both of you.

I wish that Pengail had not said anything. I fear he spoke only to hurt you for you knowing will do no one any good.

Pen and I had reconciled as much as we possibly could in the week before he left, and I told him that Scarlet let me go. She let me off work for that week and I would that he keep believing that to be the truth. He cannot know that I am still working to bring her down because someone must. If not me, then who? She has hurt you and she has hurt others and someone must put a stop to it.

If you believe Miss Cirieldis can assist me, I will talk to her. But I will not stop until Scarlet has been handled. My life is my city’s and I will rid her of this blemish. As you would protect me, I will protect you.

Please understand.




Dear Pengail,

I miss you terribly. I do not like being at home alone without you, so please come back.

I do not know what else to say. My world is praying for your safety and the safety of Gondor. I love you, Pengail.

With all my love,



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