Headstrong Heart: Just Fine

“You need to come home. Mother is not well and she is asking for you.”

“I need to finish updating this ledger, brother. I will be home when I have completed my task.”

“The numbers can wait until morning. They are not going anywhere.”

“Hálchon, I will only be a bit more.”

“The sun is setting; I don’t want you walking home by yourself. The streets aren’t…”

“Brother. I will be fine. Go home to supper before it gets cold and Mother has something more to yell about.”

“Have you eaten today?”


“What have you eaten? I didn’t see you.”

“I ate some…nuts. Nuts and berries that one of the delivery boys brought for me.”

“So even the delivery boys can see that you’re not eating?”

“Hálchon, you’re making such a fuss over nothing.”

“Halvel, this has got to stop. Come home and eat dinner with your family.”

“I have to finish these for the quartermaster if we want the Cognac to make it out of port by noon. He won’t be able to get the supplies in time and then we will be late getting in to Pelargir and they need these supplies.”

“I am glad that we have decided to assist in the rebuilding, Halvel, I truly am, but with the most sincerity I can muster, here…they can do without the fish for a few hours.Things happen at sea, you above all should know that. You must rest. Eat. You hardly ever sleep.”

“I am fine, really. I just need to fix these numbers. I will be home soon. Go. She’ll yell and she shouldn’t with how ill she’s been…”

“If you are not home by the end of dinner, I am coming back for you.”

“If it grows too late, I will sleep here.”

“That isn’t proper, Halvel! You cannot sleep here on the ship with the men.”

“I’ve slept on a ship before. I will be fine, Hálchon. Go home.”

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