A Bitter Pill: love loses in life, longingly

love loses in life, longingly looking
finding nothing but fortune floundering in fetid
memories mashed to muck

meandering memories
missing memories

my memories are yours

yet your yearnings for yesterday
are false fortunes of fatality
absolutely nothing

because if they are something, then
why do you tear them out of your head

heavy with self-hatred you run from home
and leave us in the Void
how long before we vanished?
are your demons finally vanquished?

as you go blithely on with life
now that you’ve forgotten your children and wife
go blithely on with life


Dear Faronlos,

I fear that I must return to my home. I am leaving the Wayfarers; they do not need my services no matter what they claim. They always have allies to treat anything their own skill cannot mend. My children need me and they need to be in a place where they are safe again.

If you ever regain your memories, I will be where the flowers bloom brightest in good, rich soil and the spirit is nearly always content with a full belly. You will know where that is if you wish to find us.


Cwendlwyn Tain

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