Abiorn Tenorbekk, Grin and Bear It

Free Folk bio

Name: Abiǫrn Tenorbekk
Alias: Abbi
Race: Race of Man
Age: 15
DoB: May 8 (Taurus)
Gender: Male
Heritage: Dalish
Height: 5’5”, though he seems to be gaining height rather quickly for a Man
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair: Dark red
Eyes: Light blue-grey
Physique: Though Abiorn used to be frail due to his condition, he’s been filling out with his recent unique “growth spurt.” His shoulders are broadening, but he will always be lean.
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Abbi’s thin limbs with swollen, knobby joints attest to the pain his disease causes him; when the inflammation occurs, it hits him hard. He’s often dealing with rashes, fevers, and the like. He does have freckles that are much more pronounced than his sister’s.


Grandfather: Sote Tenorbekk
Grandmother: Amma (Whitehouse) Tenorbekk
Dad: Kolrson Tenorbekk
Mom: Frigga Tenorbekk
Siblings: Eirikr, 24; Anyatka “Anya”, 23

Spouse (or other romantic interest): None
Friends: Abiorn looks up to Eruviel quite a bit. He greatly admires Bregamir (bordering idolization). He saw Exio as a close friend, but feels betrayed by his death.
Companions: He owns a horse named Máni, which means “moon.”
Reputation: You have to know people to have a reputation, so Abbi assumes he has none. People of Dale know if his existence as the poor crippled Tenorbekk boy that will probably die young or at least amount to nothing. Around Durrow, he’s the skinny boy that grows rather quickly and has a mischievous smile.


Profession: Growing up
Education: Formal education was an enjoyable pastime since Abbi wasn’t allowed to go out and play due to his illness. He learned letters, geography, and history through his private tutors. He was always very interested in politics and socioeconomics and has a secret love of epic poetry and literature.
Hobbies: Playing pranks, reading, exploring the surrounding forests
Special Talents: Yes. And he is able to move about rather unnoticed.
Combat Training: Abiorn is incredibly quick and has surprising strength, but has never had formal combat training.
Favored Attire: Abiorn dresses in rich blues and blacks. He prefers long tunics over breeches or robes that are a little too nice for whatever it is he’s doing. His older brother Eirikr bought him a pair of travel boots made out of a sturdy brown leather which he secretly loves.
Inventory: To be built over time.


General: Once you get past the freckles and red hair, you’ll probably notice that Abiorn is rather skinny and has a funny hitch when he walks that seems to come and go. He’s clumsy one day, but lopes along gracefully the next. In one light, he appears frail and thin, but in another, he looms broad and sturdy.
Past physical appearances, Abiorn nearly always has a mischievous smile. He doesn’t seem to follow social norms when it comes to holding one’s tongue and he delights in making people blush.

Personal Strengths: Abiorn is eternally optimistic. His smile is infectious and he looks out for others with a strong sense of justice.

Weaknesses and Flaws: Abiorn’s physical ailments are a certain weakness. He also can be crass and downright rude.

Personality Quirks: Abiorn is a personality quirk.

Aspirations/Motivation: Abiorn is still finding himself. He would like to fit in and find his place in the world.


Look-Alikes: Simon Woods

Voice: Abiorn’s voice is going through several changes at this point. He thought he had gotten through the adolescent squeaks, but his voice had been deepening quite a bit recently and often breaks when he leasts expects it.
Speech: Abiorn likes to swear a lot. He’s lazier in his speech than his older siblings and might seem a bit like he’s trying too hard because he has not had much practice in the art of conversation.

Song Library or Theme Song: Grooveshark list (HUGE work in progress)
Character Inspirations: Abbi’s probably got a little bit of Crutchy from Disney’s Newsies, though I didn’t realize it at the time I created him.
Other Comments: Abiorn’s affliction is the ME version of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I personally do not know anyone who has this disease, so I’m going off of research with the leeway of “Yo, it’s Middle-earth, not Earth-earth” plus “Yo, I can turn into an effin’ bear so I’ll do what I want” thrown in there.

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