Anyatka Tenorbrook of Dale, The Dalish Charm

Anya’s Free Folk Bio can be found here. 


In-game Bio:
Anyatka Tenorbrook (Tenorbekk)Anyatka Tenorbrook
AKA: Anya
Age: 22
Hair: Medium-length auburn and almost always worn loose
Eyes: Grey
Build: Average
Features: Freckles sprinkled across her cheeks and nose, rather large lips and nose. At times, a small thin scar is visible just above the hairline on her forehead, but her hair usually covers it.

Wears a thin silver bracelet with a blue gem bearing an engraving of seven stars on her left wrist.

Slender fingers have unfurled many scrolls, yet they are unseasoned and uncertain. Small hands often leave smudges of charcoal about and she usually carries a small sketchbook that’s little more than tan leather and parchment tied together with string. Anya’s soft, sweet voice reveals her youth and despite the distances she’s traveled, she seems sheltered and shy. Her clothes are a bit travel worn, but of finer quality than might be expected. Her red hair often hides her face and her smooth cheeks often blush, but her grey eyes are acutely observant — if she’s not lost in her own thoughts.

Anya is the middle child of a merchant family in Dale. In her early years, she met a man who went by the name Bookie, an adventurer and scholar who spoke of ancient ruins, great wars, and heroes long ago. Having a mind to go out and do her own exploring, she begged him to teach her what he knew.

Finally, Bookie agreed to take her to Eriador with his company to explore the ruins of Bree-land. Though her parents refused, she managed to slip away with the company and travel the long road to the lands of Bree. There, a bandit ambush scattered her crew and she managed to make her way to Bree-town. Alone, lost, but alive.

Extended Background:
Anya is a young 22 as she lived a relatively sheltered and well-to-do life as the middle daughter of Dale cloth merchants. Her father was a selfish and vain man that would not hesitate to resort to beating her or her brothers and her mother was usually too busy with catering to customers and satisfying the needs of the household to mind much. Her older brother Eirikr would do his best to protect Anya and their much younger brother Abiorn. He bears the scars of many whippings that were not his own.

Raised in a world centered on appearances, the Tenorbrooks tried their best to hide the fact they were new money. Appearances were everything. Anya’s grandfather fought in the War of the Five Armies with some commendation and moved the family to Dale upon Bard’s reclaiming of the lost city and set the foundation for the fortune Kolrson, his son, expanded upon. Specializing in rich and exotic fabrics for the wealthiest of the land’s folk, Man, Dwarf, and Elf alike, Kolrson traveled often between Erebor, Mirkwood, and even the East. The months spent on the road were a relief to the entire household.


Grandfather: Sote Tenorbrook
Grandmother: Amma (Whitehouse) Tenorbrook
Dad: Kolrson Tenorbrook
Mom: Frigga Tennorbrook
Siblings: Eirikr, 24; Abiorn “Abbi”, 14

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