Cwendlwyn Tain of Rohan, A Bitter Pill

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Age: 30s

Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good

Startling green eyes peer out beneath black bangs that sweep across Cwen’s forehead. She’s always considered herself average, and though she’s average height at 5’6″, her slender build disguises her lean, athletic musculature. She would never admit that her desire to be plain stems from her dark tresses, so rare in The Mark. She is generally well groomed and often smells of honeysuckle. She wears a delicately interwoven band of white and yellow gold surmounted by a 6mm heart cut ruby on a chain around her neck. A longer chain hides a ring with the Vallanor crest and a simpler wedding band deep beneath her clothing.

She is a healer and musician, though she rarely plays in public.

Her astute gaze is often melancholy, though her smile is soft and sweet.

She is slow to trust, but ultimately loyal to a fault. Beware her temper and her fierce protectiveness of her daughter Neilia.

After adventures in the South, she’s a bit unpredictable.

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