Emmelina Lilybrook, Shameless

Emmelina Lilybrook

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Grayish? Greenish? Grayish Green? Greenish Gray?
Hair: Light Brown, short
Accent: Bree-land
Age: 17

Lina is on the tall side for a woman. Her clothes are usually a bit mismatched and may not fit her properly. Her hair is neat and her bangs often hide her impish, freckled face.

A dagger is always strapped to her left thigh, and a her tongue tends to be just as sharp as the blade.

Emmelina was born in a small neighborhood south of Bree-town. Mainly farmers and herders. The year she turned twelve, she filled out almost over night and by fourteen she could turn the head of every man in town. At fifteen she fell in love and that sweet-talking young man wrapped her around his finger.
Inevitably, Lina ended up with child and the man suddenly heard the call to arms, setting out for Bree-town to see if he could find a militia to join. Lina carried the child in secret into the fifteenth week when one night, she woke up bleeding. Unable to hide from her family and survive, she had to reveal all. The child was lost in the night and Lina recovered physically. Her family sent her to Bree-land to work for an aunt who could get her a job at a laundry. A mere two years passed, and she was able to leave her aunt who’d draw no quarter when scolding her about her past. She still maintained her job at the laundry and it was hard work, but she was able to pay her own way until she could save enough to leave the Bree-lands for the south in order to find answers.

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