Cwen Sings: 32 Flavors

I am so grateful that Cwen is back in the swing of things. One of my students who may or may not be stalking me noticed all my handles were “Cwen” or “Cweny Cwen” and he was like, “Is all your gaming accounts Cwen?” He was looking at grooveshark, but I took his point and told him pretty much, yes. Cwen is League of Legends, my main in TOR, what I name my main characters in any single player, and basically how I identify myself to the world.

Cwen means either “queen” or “woman” in Old English, depending on how far back the source goes. There is a whole heckuva lot of me that goes into her, I must admit. One of her main songs is also my life theme song.

And apparently, it just takes two glasses of Apothic Dark to get me relaxed enough to do a one-take.

Say wut.

Cwen Sings: Rain

Listen! There’s some “She’s using a cheap mic” distortion, but eh.


Cowboy Bebop is one of the classics. I don’t care who you are or what you like, you must like CB to be my friend. I mean, Spike Spiegel. Jet Black. Yellow vinyl-clad Faye Faye. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV. And Ein. I never had a particular fondness for corgis until I met Ein.

And let’s not forget the music. The soundtrack is absolutely brilliant and plays a vital role in the series. The music of the Seatbelts drives the series as much as the great characters – it is practically a character itself. Therefore, it is easy to use their songs in the soundtrack of life, er, the lives of my characters.

I envision Eirikr possessing the same intensity as Spike. Mellow and relaxed until something gets under his skin and then he’s yelling at Jet for bell peppers and beef sans beef. Calm and collected until he’s scented his prey. Roguish. Charming. And haunted. Broken. But surviving.

Rain is from The Ballad of Fallen Angels.” Spike is facing he ex-partner who recently murdered their mentor and kidnapped Faye Valentine, who Vicious used as bait to get Spike to show. “When angels are forced out of heaven, they turn into devils…”


Cwen Sings: Wicked Little Town

Okay. So.

I can’t really draw in real life. My sketches here clearly demonstrate my issues with proportion. I am not very crafty, and the only other thing I have to show off in general is my singing voice. It was better in high school before the college sorority days of mixers and cigs.  But it is decent.

So I decided to do their playlists. I was ambitious and was going to cover Massive Attack’s Teardrop because that is Anya’s theme song. Oh my golly miss molly, that is hard to sing. And I’m kinda an alto, so…yeah. Will work on that one.

Then I decided to do Ani Difranco’s Overlap, but I wasn’t satisfied with it. So…I did one that I knew very well and probably reflects current Anya’s (surprisingly) mellow feelings while still expressing her concerns for things in general.

Wicked Little Town written by Stephen Trask, from Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Sidenote1: I messed up a couple lyrics because JCM’s accent was very heavy in the original soundtracks. NPH is much more precise in his articulation and thus I realize the error of my memorized and firmly embedded interpretation of the song. Sorryz.

Sidenote2: I was a Hedhead before it was cool. I have a tattoo to prove it! (Not of like, John Cameron Mitchel’s face or anything. That sort of thing creeps me out. No offense if you have like someone’s face tatted to your bicep or something. I just feel like it’d be staring uncomfortably while I peed.)

Sidenote3: I may be violating Sound Cloud’s copyright rules because it’s not something I composed myself. So if the file disappears, I’ll figure out something else!